Inexpensive Toshiba 4K TVs unveiled
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Inexpensive Toshiba 4K TVs unveiled

Apple will launch the Apple Watch Series 8 with this year’s Apple Watch Pro.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims the Apple Watch Pro will have a new design. It will be a more modern design than the one used for Apple smartwatches.

A source claims that the screen of the watch will get a 7% increase. The watch’s screen will be enlarged by 7%, making them less useful for everyone. Mark Gurman claims that the gadget will only be available to a select few users.

The new smartwatch design isn’t square or round. Mark Gurman describes Apple Watch Pro, an evolution of the current rectangular design.

The company selected a stronger titanium alloy for the wearable device. It will last longer and have advanced health and fitness features.

The watch will be shown to the public along with the iPhone 14 in September.


Inexpensive Toshiba 4K TVs unveiled
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