Samsung may be preparing a 432MP sensor for smartphones
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Samsung may be preparing a 432MP sensor for smartphones

Already, we reported that Samsung was developing a new image sensor. The company registered the Hexa2pixel trademark. It was then assumed that the matrix would have a resolution of 200 megapixels. Samsung has two 200-megapixel sensors that use Tetra2pixel pixels binning technology. This could mean that a sensor using Hexa2pixel technology may have a higher resolution. But how long?

It’s very easy to do everything. The technology’s name refers to the possibility of combining pixels within the Bayer filter. It can be either 4-in-1 (Tetra2pixel), or 16-in-1 in 200-megapixel sensors. In Hexa2pixel, it can be 6-in-1 or 36 in-1. 36 times 12 equals 432 megapixels. This assumes that the image resolution will be exactly 12 MP with pixel binning technology at its maximum configuration. Samsung may increase the number of pixels to 432 megapixels, just as it did with its 200-megapixel sensors (there were 192 megapixels).

For better light capture, Samsung’s 200-megapixel sensors can be used in pixel grouping schemes.
While this is a guesswork and assumption, it is clear that Samsung won’t limit itself to 200-megapixel sensors. According to earlier rumors, the company planned to release a 600-megapixel sensor that has an optical format of 1.57 inches. This is almost twice the size of an inch. A sensor with a resolution of at least 450 megapixels, and an optical format that is slightly larger than an inch seems more likely. It is clear that such a sensor, if it is in preparation, is not something worth waiting for.


Samsung may be preparing a 432MP sensor for smartphones
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