Team Group releases first vapor chamber M.2 SSD
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Team Group releases first vapor chamber M.2 SSD

Team Group has announced the launch of the first solid-state drive available on the market that uses a standard vapor chamber to cool. This model is known as M.2 NVMe-M80 and was designed for industrial applications.

It is a fact that flash memory temperature and controller temperature affect the read and write speeds. Overheating can cause speed drops when the temperature rises. This is not acceptable in industrial systems. The Team Group cooling system has an evaporation chamber that allows you to maintain the temperature within the set parameters.

This CO can cut down the time it takes to read and write data at 85 degrees Celsius, as compared to an M.2 SSD with a heatsink. The drive won’t overheat or “slow down” because it is not heated.

The N74V -M80 supports the 1.3 standard and 3D TLC flash memory. You can choose from three versions of the novelty: 128, 256, or 512 GB. The read and write speeds are 3400 and 2500 respectively. Operating temperatures range from -40degC up to 85degC. The exact price is unknown.

We noted earlier that Team Group used LSS to simultaneously cool the SSD and processor.


Team Group releases first vapor chamber M.2 SSD
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