GTA 6 To Add Female protagonist Character In The Game For The First Time
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GTA 6 To Add Female protagonist Character In The Game For The First Time

Games It has been confirmed that Rockstar Games is currently working on the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. Rumours have been repeated since then. A report claims that the game was delayed by a cultural shift at the developer. GTA 6 is forbidden from featuring jokes about marginalized populations.

Jason Schreier, the renowned game journalist, describes Bloomberg some details about the development of the highly anticipated title. According to an industry insider, he is referring to almost two dozen former employees or current Rockstar Games developers. Although Schreier is a reliable source of information, the information is not official and Rockstar Games has not yet made any comment about Grand Theft Auto.

The US cannot be parodied anymore
The report states that the developer had rethought how to deal with sensitive issues and political content, particularly in the US, as part of a cultural change. One example is that jokes cannot be made at the expense fringe groups. This will lead to a debate among players about political correctness – “biting satire”, which has been a key part of the GTA series, until now.

Rockstar Games removed statements questioning the dignity of transsexuals in its new GTA 5 version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, which was released in spring. The obvious reason that Rockstar Games does not continue to make members of relevant minorities a joke is because they are tired of boring entertainment. However, the developer also criticizes the current state in the United States. In 2022, it will be a mockery of itself. This cannot be denied. GTA VI, if true, would be a significant turning point in the legendary game series. After all, the predecessor to the game was meant to be viewed as a parody almost nihilistic of everyone and everything, as Schreier points.

Miami: Sister and brother are the protagonists
Rockstar Games also wants to change the perception of women. They don’t want to use them as sex objects or annoying supporting characters. GTA 6 will instead feature a female protagonist for the first-time in series history. As a second character, a twin brother could also be used. The report states that the siblings, who are both from Brazil, were split at an early age and now face off in a drug war. Rockstar Games likely drew inspiration from the tale of the criminal duo to create Bonnie and Clyde.

Schreier predicts that Grand Theft Auto’s upcoming release will be in south Florida. The large map, with more interior spaces, is meant to give an adaptation of Miami and its surroundings. GTA Vice City was previously set in the state capital. GTA5 and GTA San Andreas were both set in Los Angeles. Rockstar Games originally planned to include multiple cities in South America. However, the ambitious project proved to be too costly. You can submit suitable content in the years after the release for GTA 4.

Rockstar Games also has its problems
Although the employees date the document to 2024 at the latest , postponement to 2025 may be an option. The job was made more difficult by the changes in the content. A restructuring at Rockstar Games also contributed to this problem. There are obvious parallels with the scandals at Activision and allegations of harassment at Ubisoft.

Rockstar Games’ daily work has been marked by frequent trips to strip clubs and alcohol, and the systematic oppression of female employees. Numerous executives have been fired. Dan Houser, a key developer of GTA 5, was one of the most prominent. Also, salaries were adjusted to include more permanent positions and less temporary workers. The developer wants to avoid the need for urgent work. The changes have had a positive impact on the staff’s morale.


GTA 6 To Add Female protagonist Character In The Game For The First Time
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