Android Auto users report bugs with Wi-Fi connectivity
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Android Auto users report bugs with Wi-Fi connectivity

Drivers of cars running the Android Auto operating systems may be experiencing a new connectivity problem. Smartphones no longer show the Wi-Fi icon.

Your smartphone should display the Wi-Fi icon when it is connected to your car using the Android Auto system. This will also include the mobile networks that you are connected. Users recently discovered that the Android Auto system has changed the way wireless support works.

It seems that Android Auto has lost the Wi-Fi icon, even though your phone is connected to a network. Users who connect to AndroidAuto via mobile hotspots may not see the Wi-Fi icon. However, this problem does not only affect the icon. The connection to the smartphone is also more unstable than it was before.

Android Auto is no longer compatible with WiFi
Reddit users who were unhappy about Android Auto’s new version complained that the operating system would not work if a hotspot is connected to their phones. They claim that Android Auto will stop a smartphone from connecting to a hotspot when it is connected to it. This is a serious problem because Wi-Fi in cars is very common.

To use Android Auto wirelessly with an external dongle, like the Motorola Android Auto MA1, you need to connect to a hotspot. Users also reported problems with the network used. Android Auto seems to be using a 5 GHz network while hotspots use 2.4 GHz.

Because the two devices use different networks, the connection between smartphone and car is not always established. All these problems seem to have been brought up by the Android Auto 7.8 update. Google have not yet acknowledged the problem. We hope that Google will soon provide an update to address all of the issues.


Android Auto users report bugs with Wi-Fi connectivity
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