China launches hypersonic missile 120km off Taiwan coast

China launches hypersonic missile 120km off Taiwan coast

A test of a hypersonic weapon of the DF-17 complex was conducted 120km from Taiwan at Pingtan Island. It was launched by People’s Liberation Army of China.

On the eve the 95th anniversary since the formation of PLA, the launch took place. August 1 is the day of celebrations. This was done against the backdrop of increasing tensions between China and the United States due to Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker’s upcoming visit to Taiwan.

The successor to the DF-16 system is the medium-range missile defense system (Dongfeng-17). The DF-ZF hypersonic glider is used as a warhead in the ballistic missile. It can maneuver at speeds of up to Mach 10, (12,300 km/h). It can reach targets up to 2.5 000 km away with both nuclear and conventional warheads.

Due to the possibility that Pelosi Island will be visited, the US is moving aircraft carriers and planes closer to Taiwan. The South China Sea was invaded by the attack group of the American nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan. It was armed with 90 helicopters and aircraft. China threatened to take decisive actions if Pelosi visited Taiwan.

However, Taiwanese authorities have not confirmed or denied the possibility that Pelosi might visit the island.


China launches hypersonic missile 120km off Taiwan coast
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