Apple AR glasses won’t be released until 2024

Apple AR glasses won’t be released until 2024

Adobe started testing Photoshop online and plans to make it free to all users.

Adobe is currently testing the new free version in Canada.

Maria Yap, Adobe Vice President for Digital Imaging stated that she wanted Photoshop to be more accessible and more user-friendly. ”

Adobe released its web version of Photoshop in October.

Adobe has made many improvements to the service in the past few months. You can log in from the web and create a new file.

Adobe intends to make Photoshop web-friendly and attract customers who wish to purchase the full version. Chromebooks are very popular among schools.

Yap states, “I want Photoshop to meet users where they are now.” ”

Adobe did not provide information on when the freemium edition would become available. The web-based version of Photoshop will soon be compatible with mobile devices for editing and commenting photos.

Adobe also showed a new AI-powered neural filter today. Adobe also demonstrated a new AI-powered Neural Filter today.

Apple AR glasses won’t be released until 2024
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