Avito Rabota now has a free Candidates service

Avito Rabota now has a free Candidates service

The Avito Job team, a popular private ad agency, spoke out about another innovation in the platform.

Employers can track all applicants in one place and communicate with candidates from the first contact until the closing of the job.

Employers can get the innovation for free through Avito. Pro Professional account’s “Candidates” section. All applicants’ responses to employers are collected in one place, the Candidates tab. This includes all applicants who have called, written or chatted with the employer.

The developers explained that recruiters for large companies and small- and medium-sized business representatives responsible for hiring would no longer have to monitor all notifications or spend time looking for the right contacts. You can open the “Candidates” section and start working immediately. You can view the cost of each response to the new tariff—filter responses by specific vacancies and regions. Priority information about candidates is also available, including the available communication channels.

You can also leave comments, view responses and change their status.

All employers who have placed at least one Avito Job vacancy or paid any tariff within the last six months are eligible for the free Candidates service.

Avito Rabota now has a free Candidates service
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