Honda and Sony team up to take on Tesla

Honda and Sony team up to take on Tesla

According to Toshihiro Mibe, president of automaker Honda, Sony has decided to compete in the electric vehicle market with American company Tesla.

The Nikkei asked him if Honda or Sony were ready to compete with the American company in electric cars. He replied as follows:

We won’t play catch-up to Tesla. Instead, we will add new and original value to our products. We intend to make Tesla a strong competitor.

Toshihiro Mile

Sony and Honda plan to form a joint venture company Sony Honda Mobility in 2022. This company will develop and produce electric vehicles. Honda’s existing plants will be used for primary production. Sony will also offer digital services to the mobile platform by doing this.

We are delighted to have signed a joint venture arrangement with Sony, a leader in digital technology. We share our desire to tackle new challenges.

Toshihiro Mile

This news comes after Sony announced its intention to be an electric vehicle manufacturer. The company presented the Vision S 02 concept vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas earlier in the year.

In 2025, sales of new cars will start.

Honda and Sony team up to take on Tesla
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