Roscosmos presented engines for a space tug

Roscosmos presented engines for a space tug

Roskosmos’ Keldysh Centre presented a marching electric rocket propulsion technology based on the KM-10 hall engine at the Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum.

It was designed to solve transport issues, such as space tugs or human-crewed stations, and to final insertion of a satellite from a reference orbit to a target orbit, with the possibility to correct its orbit.

The system’s main components are the propulsion unit (motor, flow control unit), conversion and control system, as well as the working fluid supply and storage units.

The KM-10 engine is capable of operating in a wide range of power (15-15 kW) as well as discharge voltage (300-900V) and provides high performance in terms of efficiency (up to 65%) or specific thrust impulse (3000 s). Life tests at 500 V with a power of 10.5kW showed almost no erosion of the output rings. This provides exceptional resource characteristics.

The Keldysh Center also presented a correction system for light geostationary spacecraft at the Army-2022 forum. This system is the first to be based on a Hall-type engine with an accelerating voltage of 500 V. It saves up 25% relative to domestic or foreign analogues.

Roscosmos presented engines for a space tug
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