Check these 6 Cool Android Features by Google

Check these 6 Cool Android Features by Google

Google announced six new features to Android devices. These features were not only released for the company’s flagship device, but also for all Android devices.

This Android Earthquake Alerts System is at the top of our list. This system will notify Android users immediately before an earthquake occurs. This update was not available to all users. The company began rolling out the update with New Zealand, Greece, and is now moving towards Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Next is a feature that allows you to quickly and easily star a message. This feature is only for the Messengers app. Tap the message to add a star to it. Hold on to the message and click the star. A special category will also appear in the feature. This category will save all your starred messages. This feature is still being developed.

The Contextual Emoji kitchen feature is third in the line. It will allow you to find the best emoji combinations once you have written a message. It will be available in Gboard beta, and will become stable “this summer” on Android 6.

We also have a feature for Google Assistant which can direct you to certain places within apps. This new feature allows you to tell Google Assistant things like “hey Google, pay my Capital One bill”, and it will jump into the app to complete that task.

We have Voice Access with a new feature at the fifth position. This feature allows you to ask Voice Access to only work when you are looking at the screen. Voice Access has been enhanced with password input.

The Android Auto experience has been made more customizable. This feature allows you to personalize your launcher screen as well as manually adjust the dark mode. You can also browse content easier.

Check these 6 Cool Android Features by Google
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